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Latino Music Cafe: "Best of 2013" -- Hector Aviles

Herencia Latina: "Best of 2013" -- Nelson Rodriguez
"There are hundreds of recordings surfacing from the USA, the Caribbean, Central & South America, and even more today from Europe ... Today you see albums that claim to be the ‘hottest’ or the ‘best’ and turn out to be duds. Here, at Herencia Latina, the aim is to bring you the best of the best."

"Latin Jazz Corner Album of the Week" "Pollace’s music overflows with a strong artistic command, an authentic connection to the source material, and an infectious sense of cool."-- Chip Boaz

" CD Discoveries of the Week" "Pianist Michelle Pollace has a strong commanding presence on New Beginning. Like a baker, she has a way of gently whipping rhythms until they are cohesive and taut. ... Pollace digs in on every track, and songs like 'Forro' and 'Bright Eyes' evolve into mini-suites." -- Marc Myers

"Latin Jazz has a 'New Beginning' with Michelle Pollace on the Keys" "As we search for the best new music on WEMU, we will often feature someone you’ve never heard before but think is worth your time. Pianist Michelle Pollace, who we premiered this morning on 89.1 Jazz, is one such artist. ... This disc has [a] crucial component of good Latin jazz -- it is loads of fun!" -- Linda Yohn, WEMU 89.1 FM blog

"CD Review:" "Striking out on her own and being a mom are not the only beginnings pianist Michelle Pollace has to be proud of; with New Beginning Michelle reveals the depth of her compositional skills and her talents as a Latin jazz pianist of note." -- Edward Blanco

CD Review: Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange  "Think 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' has been done to death yet? You couldn't be more wrong ... [Michelle's] version even makes one wonder why no one's tackled it in this fashion before. -- Mark S. Tucker

CD Review: Midwest Record   "Pollace brings the Latin to the jazz and creates wonderful cocktail jazz that is a gasser. ... it's clear Pollace is a real player but has no qualms about being an entertainer." -- Chris Spector

"Presenting Michelle Pollace’s Album, New Beginning" "What I like about this album is the cadence, swing, and softness Michelle puts into her interpretation. This is all about the awareness of her fingers’ feeling over the black and white piano keys. Michelle’s playing is the game of touching and perceiving the piano hammer pulse of each key in the time of the music." -- Oscar Montagut, Latin Jazz Net

CD Review: Jazz Word   "Upbeat Latin jazz with a pop flair, New Beginning is a well-conceived release from pianist Michelle Pollace." -- John Barron

"CD Review: LA" "If you haven't heard the new CD by Michelle Pollace, you might want to give it a listen. It has a fresh, vibrant and harmonic sound." -- by Oscar Brooks

"Latin flavored Jazz by Michelle Pollace" (5 of 5 stars) "This is a CD full of rich melodies and rhythms that are infectious. ... This is obviously a highly skilled group of musicians and the ensemble effect is intricately connected. -- Grady Harp, CD Review on

"Take 5 with Michelle Pollace; Meet Michelle Pollace"  -- All About Jazz website


"Great CD (Michelle Pollace, New Beginning) ...ONE OF THE BEST I'VE HEARD IN QUITE SOME TIME!"  -- Jimmy Castro, Producer of The Latin Jazz & Salsa Show, WCLM

"I've enjoyed Michelle’s new CD -- good stuff." -- Frank Miller, Music Director, KTXK

"Just received your new release, New Beginning … and can't get enough listening to it! Refreshing, well-composed music."-- William Johnson, Music Director, KPOV

"Very tasty tunes!"-- Juan Camarillo, Latin Jazz Host, KTEP

"Nice! Excellent CD."-- Mark Levine, Latin-jazz pianist/composer ("Linda Chicana") and author of The Jazz Piano Book, and Jazz Theory Book, on New Beginning

"Mark Whitty was a Spotlight Artist on a previous edition of PAATJ and he made the following comment: 'Michelle Pollace is a brilliant piano player. One can hear the years of hard work preceding this exposure.' I really enjoyed programming your appearance. I love your song 'Forro', and your album is outstanding!" -- Mark Stevens, programmer of Piano and All That Jazz podcast

"In 2005, Michelle teamed up with founding member of Malo, Abel Zarate, on a CD called ‘Soul Redemption.’ Pollace's new CD [New Beginning] demonstrates she's also a formidable solo artist." -- Mark Guerrero, New CD Release announcement at

"Michelle Pollace is a dream keyboardist for any guitarist and/or horn player, but stands on her own just fine. Lovely chord voicings, pulsating montunos, along with superb fusion chops on a moment's notice; what a treat she is to hear." -- Oscar Moreno, review of Zarate Pollace Project performance for Moonflower Cafe

"Michelle Pollace is a very gifted pianist and composer. Her original compositions shine with heart and beauty." -- Mari Hall, visual artist

"Your performance Sunday evening at Cafe Pink House (10-16-16) is one of the best I've seen/heard in along time. The entire performance was dynamic, joyful and full of all kinds of rhythm and soul.. Thank you for being so passionate about music. It certainly comes through in your music. Una maravilla!" -- Rosie G., concertgoer

"YEAH! I LOVE the CD.  I listened twice last night and once again this morning, rarely does a CD grab me like that.  The music is fresh, the style authentic, energetic selections and the recording quality superb. -- Suzanne W., listener

"We just listened to your CD while enjoying our Valentine's Day supper. Beautiful CD full of happy jazz. Nice work Michelle, very impressed. Give our regards to the other musos on the disc. Top quality!"-- Dan S., listener

"Awesome CD! I received my copy yesterday and have wore it out already." -- Steve F., listener 

"WOW! I'm very impressed, with the playing, arranging, and production [of "New Beginning"]. Very nice work." -- Dave T., listener

"Love, love, LOVE the CD! You are an amazing artist. -- Dave P., listener

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